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11 Tips for First-Year Residents:

You matched! After earning your bachelor’s, completing medical school, acing your residency application, and nailing your residency interview, you now are getting ready for the next phase in your medical training: residency.

With Match Day right around the corner, 80% of residency applicants will match to a PGY-1 position. In 2020 the NRMP reported a total number of 44,959 applicants matched with a residency program.

This coming March, thousands of medical school graduates will be preparing to begin their residency, so we reached out to PGY-1 residents one year into their residency program for their top 11 tips for first-year residents. Here’s what they had to say:

5 Tips in Preparation for Residency

1. Go in with an open mind- be ready to learn

2. Read up and be prepared for the most common topics that you may see during your residency specialty

3. Mistakes happen, we are not perfect, it is a continuous learning process–don’t be scared to ask for help

4. Dress professionally and comfortably

5. Be reliable, professional, and honest–be on time

6 Tips During Residency

1. Patient care and safety come first

2. Be prepared to read up and present on topics related to your patients daily

3. Do a little bit of board preparation every day

4. Take time for yourself daily–finding a balance between work/studying and home is crucial to a healthy residency period

5. Make an effort in eating healthy and getting in physical activity during the week

6. Learn to enjoy being at the hospital–the next 3-4 years of your life belong there. You may have to sacrifice everything in your personal life for the health and benefit of the patient during this time

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