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It takes a lot to provide patient-centered, evidence-based care. From dosing calculations to uncommon conditions, even the most seasoned clinician can benefit from a tool designed for the 10-second triple-check. That’s exactly what PEPID specialty-specific clinical decision support suites are designed to do. A quick search in any PEPID suite will deliver pertinent drug and clinical information within seconds. Here are 7 reasons you need PEPID in your practice. 

1. Rotations are better with PEPID

97% of PEPID subscribers save time every shift using PEPID

85% have changed a clinical decision based on PEPID information.

73% use PEPID as a quick reference.

2. A-Z searchable “encyclopedia” of evidence-based information for over 13,000 clinical situations

PEPID’s editorial team of healthcare professionals update and create clinical monographs daily amounting to more than 13,000 clinical situations. They have tirelessly maintained COVID-19 information including the ever-evolving investigational therapies.  Each monograph includes background to treatment information with references and links to calculators, drug cards, and images when appropriate. The proprietary bullet-point quick-link format is designed to deliver an efficient reference experience for providers so you can truly save time, and save lives. 

3. Access a massive drug database anytime, anywhere 

PEPID’s clinical decision support products include PEPID’s massive Drug Information Database opening the door to over 10,000 U.S., Canadian, and International drugs, generics, over-the-counter, herbals, and nutraceuticals. Each of PEPID’s suites is profession-tailored to meet the unique needs of the different roles of healthcare providers. 

4. The most user-friendly all-in-one drug interaction checker at your fingertips

PEPID’s drug interaction checker instantly details all interactions for a patient’s entire therapy regimen, including herbal supplements and lifestyle factors. Take a deeper-dive into specific interactions and discover alternative therapies by opening the in- interaction monographs linked to each result. Continue through the PEPID workflow and discover alternative therapies for adverse drug interactions. 

5. Easily accessible dosing and medical calculators

Within PEPID clinical monographs or through the search, PEPID products offer more than 3,000 dosing and medical calculators. Calculators include formula references and interpretation  ranges, as well as monographs breaking down the mechanisms of the calculations. Pediatric suites contain peds specific content for patients of all sizes

6. Never use a cross-reference chart again

PEPID’s IV – compatibility checker takes the cross-reference chart and transforms it into a searchable tool that provides IV compatibility information within 2 clicks.

7. Improve medication education, & reduce redundant work

PEPID’s Adverse Drug Reaction Lookup allows providers to search medications and view the adverse reactions in a quick and easily communicated list. Toggle to the patient view and Copy/Paste vital drug information into your institutions’ custom discharge papers. Skip the search and scroll, and go straight to higher patient satisfaction scores, and lower ADR related re-admission. 

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