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In honor of Women in Medicine Month, we are highlighting our favorite podcasts led or co-led by women in medicine!

The More the Merrier

In recent years there has been an increasing number of women in medicine. Since 2018, more women than men have been applying and enrolling in medical school, according to the Association of American Medical Colleges. From a historical perspective, this is a huge leap from 1965 when only 1 of 10 applicants were women.

A study by the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine showed that women and men physicians have comparable health care utilization or mortality rates in 2013. One study by JAMA showed elderly patients treated by female physicians have lower mortality rates, and another study by JAMA showed female physicians tend to have longer visits with more communication implementing a more patient-centered practice than their male colleagues. All in all, women are rocking the medical world (we’ve never had a doubt about it!), and a few of them are leading evidence-based health-focused podcasts.

During the Women in Medicine Month, and the rest of the year, tune in and get inspired by our favorite medical podcasts, that happen to be led and co-led by women!

 Nutrition Rounds Podcast:

The Nutrition Rounds podcast is led and produced by Danielle Belardo, MD. Danielle earned her medical degree from Drexel University College of Medicine, completed a 3-year Internal Medicine Residency at Temple University Hospital, became Internal Medicine board certified in 2017, and is currently in her Cardiology Fellowship at Lankenau Heart Institute.

The Nutrition Rounds podcast focuses on evidence-based insights on plant-based nutrition with hard-hitting guests from the lifestyle medicine movement like Dr. Dean Ornish, Angie Sadeghi MD, and Dr. Michael Greger. If you are interested in the mechanisms behind plant-based nutrition and its effects on the top non-communicable disease that burdens many of your patients, this podcast is a must-listen. 


Reconciling Medicine:

Led by a dual physician couple in practice, Doctor Renee and John Paro. The Reconciling Medicine podcast focuses on the reality of working in the medical field, with a positive outlook on the practice of medicine. Dr. Renee Paro is a pediatric cardiologist in the Bay Area that focuses on making veggies cool with special interests in child obesity, hypercholesterolemia and prediabetes.

Reconciling Medicine combats the pessimistic theory that “medicine is dead,” provides practical advice to contest physician burnout, as well as details their first-hand experience from pre-med to practicing physician, and our favorite part, they back up their advice with evidence.  


Spread the Support!

What are your favorite evidence-based podcasts led by women? Comment below and Happy Women in Medicine Month!

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