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Children living with attention hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) may soon experience non-pharmacologic relief through a breakthrough medical device. For children between the ages 7 and 12 and currently not on medication, the pocket-sized device works by delivering mild electrical pulses to areas of the brain that drive symptoms of ADHD.

The device garnered FDA approval after a clinical trial involving 62 children demonstrated the ability of eTNS to increase neural activity in areas responsible for attention, emotion and behavior. While treatment can take up to 4 weeks to become evident, children using the device displayed more significant ADHD symptom improvement compared to the placebo group.

transcutaneous neurostimulator / for vagus nerve stimulation


This cell phone sized device is now available as adjunctive treatment of epilepsy and depression in the European Union and Canada and as and adjunctive treatment for epilepsy in Australia.

NeuroSigma‘s Monarch External Trigeminal Nerve Stimulation System (Monarch eTNS) requires a prescription and monitoring by a knowledgeable caregiver. It is wired to a discreet adhesive patch on the child’s forehead and delivers a “tingling” low-level electrical stimulation to the cranial nerve during sleep.

Learn more about Monarch eTNS and how Trigeminal Nerve Stimulation can benefit children living with ADHD here.

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