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Kansas-based EHR vendor Cerner proudly takes the industry lead in adopting HL7’s latest rollout – FHIR Release 4, the normative interoperability standard. The vendor embraced FHIR R4 only 3 months after it was published.

“It’s incredibly important that major vendors such as Cerner stay at the forefront of advancing the availability and maturity of the FHIR standard … Cerner’s moving forward and implementing this latest FHIR version is an important signal to regulators that the industry is committed to maintaining the rapid momentum of FHIR adoption.”

Micky Tripathi, manager of the Argonaut Project – an industry-wide effort to accelerate the development and adoption of FHIR

Determined to bolster and accelerate innovation and true interoperability in the healthcare IT industry, Cerner has opened 2 APIs to third-party developers:

  1. Millennium EHR – a Java and cloud-based automated library solution suitable for small to midsize medical practices
  2. HealtheIntent – a cloud-based, programmable population health management platform that is vendor-agnostic

Matt Obenhaus, Director and Solution Executive of Cerner’s Open Developer Experience confirms more APIs will soon be ‘open for business’ as their 2019 development roadmap progresses.

Learn more about HL7’s FHIR R4 here.

Keep up with Cerner’s API releases here.

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