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PEPID, a leading global innovator in point-of-care technologies for the healthcare industry worldwide continued their success announcing the introduction of its cutting-edge Pharmacogenomics tool, named PEPID PGx. It is now showcasing at HIMSS 2019 this week.

PEPID PGx aims to revolutionize personalized medicine prescribing around the world. Impressively, the wide range of delivery options for the solution includes Health Information Systems, IT System Integration, Online Portals and even includes Mobile Delivery. PEPID has made this goal a reality.

“Adverse drug reactions are now the 4th leading cause of death in the US, while potentially 90% of patients have a genotype that will impact how they metabolize a medication.  Clinicians needed a predictive resource that considers genetic factors when determining treatment.  It’s the most obvious action to support making meaningful advancements in improving personalized patient care,” says John C. Wagner, President of PEPID. PEPID created a resource that presents physicians with not just gene-related medication safety considerations and alerts, but rather predictive actionable information.  “It’s easily assimilated and intuitively navigated in a clinical environment – it’s not just another source of alert fatigue. We’re very proud of it,” says Wagner.

PEPID PGx leverages the company’s world-renowned existing technology developed over the past twenty-five years to check the full range of possible treatments for interactions, from prescriptions and OTC drugs to nutraceuticals and lifestyle factors. It aligns with a clinician’s workflow by first providing recommendations in the event of an interaction and then supporting clinicians through the process of identifying alternative treatments or modifying doses.


For 25 years, PEPID has been a leading global developer of clinical and drug information resources and mobile applications for healthcare providers and institutions. Their trusted, validated content and intuitive workflow provide clinicians peer-reviewed support for diagnosis and treatment at the patient-point-of-care. It’s accessed individually or integrated into any healthcare system.

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