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Phoenix, AZ, USA, December 3, 2018 — PEPID, LLC, trusted developer of top clinical decision support solutions, is eager to announce the latest additions to its ever-growing drug and clinical database.

Beginning December 2018, subscribers on any platform can reference over 225 new laboratory cards and a selection of the most frequently used lab panels – all updated with the latest evidence, guideline-based ranges, and testing considerations.

Aside from modifying value ranges to better contract and balance tests’ specificity vs sensitivity, PEPID’s all-encompassing index of tests and panels are now embedded with additional references. Users of any profession-tailored suite, including those implemented in institutions across the globe, can also enjoy easier and deeper content exploration thanks to hyperlinked jumps from indexed panels to detailed differentials and associated pathology.

The 225 new laboratory cards join the pre-existing collection of 800+ lab monographs already in PEPID’s drug and clinical repositories.

“Few things are more useful to on-the-go medical practitioners than a complete digital laboratory reference ready at any point-of-care. PEPID’s editorial team constantly reviews studies and stays on top of testing guidelines to provide a lab manual that can effectively aid clinicians at any level of expertise in formulating a sound and practical testing strategy. This is what makes PEPID’s  range of lab information formidable and indispensable.”

– Nick Ho, MD, PEPID Editorial Lead, Clinical and Pharmacology Team



PEPID has been a leader and trusted name in mobile and integrated point-of-care solutions and is celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2019. The vetted developer’s wide range of profession-tailored suites and clinical modules support thousands of healthcare practitioners and institutions across 159 countries.

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