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PHOENIX, AZ, USA, September 12, 2017 – Leading CDSS and point-of-care solutions developer PEPID, LLC is proud to contribute to the shift towards more patient-centered care with the introduction of Bedside Education.

PEPID’s Bedside Education can be used along with any PEPID specialty suite to improve patient adherence by supporting doctor-patient communications and patients’ understanding of their own conditions immediately at the point of care.

The Bedside Education library is an ever-growing and constantly updated collection of easily shareable reference monographs thoughtfully crafted in low-level, patient-facing language. Compiled by a team of seasoned clinicians, the monographs serve as simplified factsheets that translate the rich clinical and drug data found throughout PEPID suites into a handy reference both patients and caregivers can understand and value.

Each of the 1,050 distinct Bedside Education Handouts contains both information and medical images that effectively address patients’ and caregivers’ FAQs, such as:

  • What are common signs and symptoms?
  • What increases my risk of this condition?
  • What are possible complications?
  • What are common labs and tests?
  • What are my treatment options?
  • What medications may be prescribed?
  • When should I seek medical help?

PEPID’S Clinical and Pharmacology Lead Editor, Dr. Nick Ho, believes patient counseling shouldn’t be reserved until the end of doctor’s appointments and hospital stays, and should instead be offered at every point-of-care. “Every patient encounter is a fleeting opportunity to provide effective counseling. We developed patient-friendly Bedside Education handouts to help make counseling more of a habit than a task … Once patients’ common concerns are addressed and the right expectations are set preemptively, a stronger sense of trust is fostered, and clinicians can optimize these encounters.”



For over 23 years, PEPID has been recognized worldwide as the leading developer of medical and pharmaceutical point-of-care solutions that support tens of thousands of clinicians and healthcare institutions across 159 countries. The diverse repositories of clinical and drug information housed in the PEPID Knowledgebase (PKB) powers all profession-tailored suites and modules with regularly-updated content from an editorial team of healthcare professionals, and over 30 authoritative content partners.

For more information on PEPID clinical decision support, please visit www.pepid.com.

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