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Timely Insights for Healthcare Experts 

First FDA approved Drug Treatment for Smallpox

Tecovirimat (TPOXX) is the first FDA approved drug treatment of smallpox. In 1980, WHO declared that smallpox was eradicated; however, tecovirimat was developed as a counter to the possible use of smallpox as a bio-weapon. It is the first product awarded a Material...

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The Mosquito-Borne Keystone Virus First Known Human Infection

Another mosquito-borne virus has been confirmed to infect humans, after a report published in June from the peer-reviewed medical journal Clinical Infectious Diseases. Keystone has been known to infect animals since its discovery in Tampa-Bay area in 1964 but has...

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Intravenous Ketamine for Chronic Pain Consensus Guidelines

The American Society of Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine, the American Academy of Pain Medicine, and the American Society of Anesthesiologists' Committees on Pain Medicine and Standards and Practice Parameter have determined a consensus guideline for the use of...

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Nipah Virus Outbreak in India

On May 19, an outbreak of the Nipah virus (NiV) has lead to 17 confirmed deaths in the Kozhikode District, Kerala State, India. Two thousand people, including health care workers, are currently under observation. WHO South-East Asia Region has declared...

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S. 204 “Right to Try Act” Signed

Today, May 30, 2018, Trump signed S. 204, the “Right to Try Act,” giving the terminally ill more access to treatments outside of clinical trials. The Right to Try is intended to help patients, particularly cancer patients, who are not enrolled in clinical...

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