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The numbers are staggering. According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) there are an average of 300,000 drunk driving accidents per day. It’s a problem magnified during the holiday season, capped off by New Year’s Eve.

PEPID is here to help you prepare. Here’s a quick refresher for the most common ER visits on January 1st: motor vehicle accidents and alcohol.

Motor Vehicle Collisions Trauma Overview

This PEPID monograph covers head and spine trauma from a broken windshield, knee and pelvic trauma from hitting the dashboard, lower body crush injuries from rollovers, rib fractures from a broken steering wheel, cervical spine hyperextension injuries from rear-end collisions, as well as injuries associated with seat belts and seat belt trauma.

Trauma Overview Auto Vs. Pedestrian

This PEPID monograph covers protocols for low speed collisions involving a motor vehicle and adults/children including tibial plateau fractures, intracranial injuries, chest trauma, duodenal injuries and more.

Penetrating Injuries Trauma Overview

This PEPID monograph covers periorbital penetration, intracranial penetration, carotid cavernous sinus fistula, central chest penetration, great vessel injuries, and more.

Alcohol Overconsumption

PEPID has several monographs for problems associated with alcohol and alcoholism, including alcohol toxicity, alcohol withdrawal, alcoholism cage questionnaire, and the Michigan alcohol test.

Drunk Driving Prevention

With the prevalence of taxi apps like Lyft and Uber, paired with public transportation, there’s no excuse for impaired driving. Include these statistics in your patient education resources to help prevent more unnecessary drunk driving deaths. Visit the MADD website for more prevention tips.

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