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February 17, 2015 — Phoenix, AZ — PEPID, LLC, the world’s leading provider of specialty medical and nursing software, today announced the release of PEPID Emergency Connect. The company’s latest innovation combines the invaluable components of health system integration with concerted tools designed for department-level communication and collaboration, enabling faster, more precise care in the rapid-response environment of emergency medicine.

“Emergency Connect is a much-needed resource that will become a core component of hospitals and emergency departments throughout the country.”

PEPID developed Emergency Connect largely to help decrease the time spent by emergency department physicians entering patient information into their electronic medical records, or EMRs, rather than interacting directly with patients. Demand for a solution like Emergency Connect is high; according to a recent study published in the American Journal of Emergency Medicine, physicians spend 44 percent of their time entering data into EMRs. When compared to the amount of time spent each shift on direct patient care (28 percent), discussions with colleagues (13 percent), or reviewing test results and records (12 percent), the concern becomes clear.

By integrating with a health system’s existing EMR, PEPID Emergency Connect allows emergency department staff and physicians to simultaneously work within the system and easily share lifesaving medical information across a fully customizable database. Emergency Connect also provides users the ability to mark favorites and store notes for individual reference or to distribute within the entire emergency department, promoting more accurate patient care through collaboration.

“Given the current landscape of healthcare, the emergency department has become the front door to medicine,” explained John Wagner, president of PEPID, LLC. “As the leader in point-of-care emergency content, PEPID has been providing emergency physicians with peripheral support for more than 20 years. That’s why we felt it was truly incumbent for us to develop a process for connecting emergency thought, content, colleagues and clinicians. Emergency Connect is a much-needed resource that will become a core component of hospitals and emergency departments throughout the country.”

PEPID Emergency Connect is a completely electronic medical resource with a comprehensive package of specialized components, including a differential diagnosis generator, which gives a quick diagnosis based on a patient’s symptoms and their severity, along with the patient’s gender and age; a drug database with more than 13,000 U.S. and Canadian trade names, generics, over-the-counter prescriptions, herbals and supplements; drug/allergy and drug interactions checkers; laboratory manuals; and medical and dosing calculators.

“We’ve combined our state-of-the-art products and robust technologies to deliver the emergency information that’s needed to exactly where it’s needed,” stated Edward Reynolds, PEPID’s Chief Technology Officer. “Now, all emergency departments can benefit from faster, tailored information to make patient care decisions quickly.”

PEPID Emergency Connect is available on most tablet devices and through EMR integration, making everything emergency departments need readily available so they can better support efficient, high-quality care.

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