Timely Insights for Healthcare Experts 

Why you should skip the web search for medical images

Although the world wide web is an excellent resource for finding restaurants, ordering products, and learning about your latest hobby, it is not reliable or credible as a medical reference, even as a quick image search. Evidence-based, peer-reviewed tools are...

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Occupational Stressors of ED Physicians

The Double-edged Sword In the field of medicine, the Emergency Department presents a unique working environment that doesn’t quite compare with other clinical settings. It can be looked at as a double-edged sword. On one hand, the ED offers prestigious, high value,...

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Consequences of the Consolidation of Health Care

Is the consolidation of health care and its bureaucracy getting in the way of patient treatment and physician happiness? Health care professionals know that the system in which they work has become more complex than ever before. Health care policy, insurance,...

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