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For Immediate Release:
October 17, 2018 — Phoenix, AZ

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STATEMENT: Web-based point-of-care solutions provider, PEPID, LLC, released a new feature on their IV Compatibility Checker that adds an extra layer of assurance to, not only safe, but effective IV drug administration. PEPID’s proprietary IV Compatibility tool allows healthcare professionals to assess IV solution compatibility and stability across:

  1. Drug pairings
  2. Methods of preparation and administration
  3. Drug-IV-Container interactions; and
  4. Commonly-used IV fluids

An estimated 30% of the most commonly prescribed IV drugs are incompatible or unstable when mixed with the usual IV fluids and agents, and the resulting iatrogenic complications drive morbidity and length of hospitalization. PEPID’s update now allows the tool to automatically parse lists of the most common IV fluids known to be compatible and incompatible with each drug entered. This eliminates the need for an additional compatibility check between a drug and fluid, and presents clinicians with potentially better alternatives.

The newly-updated IV Compatibility tool is included in all PEPID suites, including those tailored for Nurses and Pharmacists – available via web browser through PEPID Connect, or mobile on any device.

Try the enhanced IV Compatibility Checker yourself with a free trial of any PEPID suite.


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